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Image from Twitter

The famous Spanish actor; Antonio Banderas experienced chest pain following his workout. Because of this, he was rushed to a hospital that is adjacent to his home. His agonising chest pain occurred while he was in the middle of his training routine. This prompted the gym’s personnel to call for medical help and transported the actor to St. Peter’s Hospital located in Chertsey.

He was asked to stay in the hospital for monitoring and observation and was only released when he was stable and safe.

Chest pain doesn’t always denote heart problem. If you experience pain under right breast, this could mean many things. You may have rib injury, costochondritis,  pleurisy, pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, kidney stones, food blockages, liver inflammation and hiatal hernia. However, once the doctor admits you for such symptom, he would rule out the most fatal condition to prevent the symptom from getting worse. Hence, cardiac problem will be ruled out first. And unfortunately, the actor’s symptom was verified to be heart related.

“I want to thank the medics who took care of me”, Antonio said. It was confirmed by these medical practitioners that he indeed had an episode.

The actor used to live in Hollywood for several years. However, he moved to Surrey where he bought a 5 bedroom house and lived there with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel; 37 years old. He opted to stay here since it is adjacent to the school where he studied fashion.

This Mask of Zorro star admitted that their there are only 200 homes in Britain like his house. And he planned to stay in this prefabricated Huf Haus for only 5 years. The property amounted £2.4 million and bought it in 2015 when he separated from his ex-wife; Melanie Griffith.

“I chose this house because it’s simple and I feel free, the very thing that I need for the moment”, the actor said. “Surrey is just magical for me. I stopped going to parties and I’d rather want to stay home and write. And this place allows me to get things down in my head”, he added. Antonio is currently working on some scripts these days.

“I love going cycling in the woods in Cobham and witness wild deer and foxes visiting my garden”, Antonio said.

Antonio is currently doing the “reinvention” of his new life. And for the past 2 years, his life has greatly changed. “I felt that this is the right moment for change to commence”, the actor stated.