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After the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared that he will ban Muslim immigrants from entering the country, Anonymous hacktivist declared war on Trump.

“You have been warned so better think twice before saying anything”, said a masked person to Trump. This anonymous group then overwhelmed the servers on Trump Tower’s website to take it down.

The anonymous group said they have been watching Trump for some time now and what they have observed is very disturbing. They said that his hateful and inconsistent campaign shocked the whole world due to his appalling ideas and actions. For these hacktivists, Trump may claim to say what his audience wants to hear but the truth is, he only do things to gain power and feed his personal greed.

The anonymous hacktivists are not just ordinary prankers who are here to Play Truth or Dare game. They are consistent in their warnings and though they often express of their planned attack to Trump, the truth is, the attack may have already occurred.

“It appears that the attack that Anonymous hactivists is referring about is not on Trump’s website but to Trump himself”, Adam Klein wrote on the New Republic website.

Anonymous is working on Trump’s weakest point and that is his “quick-trigger tendencies”. They do not intend to destroy his personal privacy but focus on one thing that is very important to him; his brand.

March 17 is a memorable date for Trump and his hacktivists alike since this is the time when Trump’s Social Security and cellphone numbers were published after they were hacked by the Anonymous. Trump reacted by issuing a statement for the immediate arrest of the perpetrators. FBI and the Secret Service informed the public that they are currently investigating.

Such impulsive action of Trump gave way for anonymous hacktivists to contend that this Republican presidential candidate wants to transform the country into a fascist dictatorship. Meaning, anyone can be imprisoned for simply publishing old information on the internet.

The modern hactivism therefore is a bait and switch tactic. This is done by making a technological threat and attacking through non-technical strategy. If you look at the Anonymous’ goal closely, you will see that their ultimate goal is not technological in nature. It is more of a societal which is to pull back on their opponent and force the public to see it.

Anonymous is making a political suggestion when they said, “Trump is an example of a totalitarianism brand. Once he establishes power, he aims to any target he directs. Hence, his true nature is now visible”.