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Many men are turning to testosterone boosters whenever they feel lumpy, lethargic and limp. These products are reputed to solve erectile issues and restore sex drive problems. Because of this, its sales doubled in 2008 and were predicted by analysts to reach $5 billion come 2017. Such estimate exclude mail and over the counter purchases. Hence, figures can even be more.

“More and more men are seen talking testosterone boosters”; Dr. Edmund Sabanegh declared. He is the Urology Department Chairman in Cleveland Clinic.

Once you reach the age of 30, your testosterone level is expected to lower down. And this is a normal physiological change that men experience the same way as receding occur as one ages.  Men will also go through depression, reduced muscle strength and mass, lethargy and decreased sex drive.

“As men get older, they will go through little reduction in energy, slight decrease in libido, little erectile issues and these are normal when one gets 40, 50 and even older. And all these are considered normal transitions”, Dr. Sabanegh said.

As the person experiences ageing issues, change of lifestyle is a must like trimming down one’s weight, engaging into a regular exercise program and adopting a healthy diet.  The effect can somehow help combat the effects of low testosterone level.

“However, when lab results shows that the person’s testosterone slump down below normal level (below 300 nanograms/deciliter), a testosterone therapy is needed”, Dr. Sabanegh stated.

In Brisbane Australia, a study was conducted by Applied Science and Nutrition Pty Ltd. The purpose of this study is to check the effects of Testofen mineral formulation and fenugreek extract on man’s sexual drive using a randomized double blind placebo controlled study.  This study involved 60 males with good health ageing between 25-52. They have no erectile issues. Subjects were then randomly given 2 tablets of 600 mg Testofen per day. Result of the study was positive. Changes were observed on the subject’s libido. Orgasm and sexual arousal significantly increased. Self-reported muscle strength with satisfaction was observed. And best of all, it did not affect the subject’s sleep or mood. Testosterone level and serum prolactin are still within reference range. Hence, the study was concluded to have positive changes on men’s libido and allowed maintenance of normal testosterone healthy levels.

As more people experience the positive effects of testosterone, it is not surprising why its sales will escalate at the same time. If not for its satisfactory effect, men will not long for more of these testosterone enhancing products.