Amazon, which is known as the United States great retailing online platform has decided to extend its services to the numerous Chinese population by creating an online outlet on the popular Alibaba China based e-commerce platform.


The store of Amazon on Tmall was set up on thursday unceremoniously, and it contains products in different categories like, women’s footwear, kitchenware, food and toys. On its first day of operation, the Amazon online store on Tmall has the text “It’s Day 1” on it.


The difference between Alibaba and Amazon is that Alibaba does not have its own stock of goods, it is only an e-commerce platform provider, on the other hand, Amazon has its own stock of products and upon this difference the two rivals have unified. So, Alibaba is providing a trading platform for Amazon to sell to the numerous Chinese people, just as it does for other storefronts.


A representative speaking for Alibaba said on Friday that – “We welcome Amazon to the Alibaba ecosystem and their presence will further broaden the selection of products and elevate the shopping experience for Chinese consumers on Tmall “.


There are about 500 products displayed on the Amazon – Tmall store on its first launch, but the product list will increase in the future.


The new Amazon – Tmall store started sales and the best sellers by Friday morning were German drinks container at 220yuan($36), and canned almonds imported from the US at 44 yuan ($7).


Amazon’s presence has been in China before now, with the 2014 launch  of its Kindle ebook reader on Tmall. However, it introduced its products to China for the first time in 2014, when it bought over the online books, music, and videos retailers called and then renamed in 2011 to


“China’s e-commerce industry is fast-growing and nobody wants to miss it. Amazon wants to add an additional distribution channel in China.”Yang Xiao HC International said.