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Video games have been part of every one’s life. In fact, some people use this to overcome their daily stress and start anew as they continue with their daily routine. This makes online games a billion dollar business. The most common ones are multiplayer games often played in real time. The recent one is And guess what, players are not satisfied using its standard playing rules. Hence, they resorted into game hacking to bring the excitement to a new level. Finally, after hard coding the game for months, hackers found new cheats that will offer players a winning advantage.

“Getting to the top 10 Players on the FFA Mode is not easy. But I managed to get there using hack and cheats”, Nick posted in one of the game’s blog site. Using hacks and cheats lead you to one direction and that is to win the game. It increases your cell speed, enlarges your cell size, allows the cell to be invisible and gives you the power to blast and shoot cells that are bigger that you. In game, you win by eating other cells and finding ways not to be eaten by others. This can be done through tricky movement of your mouse. And hacks can help you overcome the challenge.
I love this game even more now that I have the best cheats”, commented one of the gamers; Barbara. “Thanks for sharing the hacks with us, I have tested it and it’s working”, she added.
As Android and IOS era was given birth, everyone has the opportunity to play their favourite video games, even when they are mobile. Hence, as they get hook to the game, they don’t only seek for entertainment but they aim to get the highest score. This gives birth to game hacking.
As players get higher scores, has created addiction among its players. Getting high scores gives gamers a different kind of fulfilment; of course this is with the use of hacks and cheats. “ The most important thing is that I am getting high scores, no one really knows if I’m using hacks or cheats at all”, gamer David stated.
There are many hacks that you can avail. And since you score more and play safe, you have more of the advantage. One hack feature that everyone loves is the “zoom facility” where you can view the opponents coming from every side.
To some, playing the game normally (without using cheats) will suffice. But for most gamers, nothing can be more exciting than getting the score that they want without exerting a lot of effort.