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At a certain point of your life, you may lock yourself out from your own place and it leaves you with feelings of anger, shame and exhaustion. There are many ways to solve the issue though. If you have a landlord, you can ask him to let you in. You can also be burglar in your own home by breaking on its weakest spot or you can spend some of your hard earned income and avail for a locksmith service.

A blogger named Caroline related her own story regarding her locksmith experience. “I came home at 2am and find it hard to open my door with my own set of keys. This has been a problem I have been encountering before but since I am desperate to go in, I called a locksmith”, Caroline related.

The locksmith successfully did his job and a few minutes later, he handed Caroline a bill that shocked her because of its exorbitant amount. On a handwritten paper were the itemized expenses, totaling to $613 dollars for her total due. The locksmith told her that he can’t accept credit card since it is not working. Since Caroline did not have any cash, he offered to drive her with his unmarked car to the most adjacent ATM machine. “Sorry, I don’t ride into cars with strangers”, was Carolyn’s reply to his offer.

Carolyn decided to call a friend she trusted who agreed that the situation sounds sketchy. And though Carolyn asked the locksmith to send her a bill, he simply replied; “I don’t do that”. The whole conversation with the locksmith ended up to a confrontation; until the locksmith threatened Carolyn that he will call a cop. And Carolyn allowed him to do so.

After calling 911, the officer came in and talked with the locksmith. Looking forward to finally get the justice she deserves, Carolyn was dismayed when all the cop told her was; “pay the man; otherwise I will have to arrest you”.  Carolyn tried to explain but the officer insisted that she needs to pay. When Carolyn mentioned about the very high cost, this is all that he replied; “why hire a locksmith anyway when you can’t afford his service?” Worse is when Carolyn asked the officer to give her a ride to the ATM machine, he simply told her; “walk your ass there”.

Carolyn’s story only reminds everyone to always be cautious when hiring a locksmith. Don’t look for them only when the crisis arrives but have a list of good locksmiths in your town so you won’t end up with the same  locksmith story that Carolyn had, and maybe even worse.