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Fort McFurray’s wildfire this month claimed years of investments by its dwellers. Their place of refuge can no longer be called a home. Around 88,000 people flee from this place as they tried to save their lives leaving behind all that they possess. Though firefighters declared that not a single person was hurt nor died, we can’t help but think on the safety of animals living inside these homes as well.

As the mandatory evacuation order came out, not all residents were at home. A call for help was posted on the Facebook to rescue 3 cats that were trapped in his home. The owner was stuck on his work site at the north side of the city and can’t find any access to his home. Locksmith Chris Inger was able to read the post and acted immediately to the call. Carrying his tools, he immediately went out to help.

“I was about to flee the city with my fiancé when I have read the plea for help. I was turning to our Fort McMurray Anything Goes Facebook group to check for updates on the fire when I came across the post about the cat”, Inger said. To appease the owner, he told him he could drop by and unlock his home and will leave the door open in case someone comes in and pick the 3 cats. But no one offered to take the cat so Inger decided to take them himself. To make sure that the 3 cats will fit in his car, Inger asked some of his passengers to take another vehicle to clear out some space for these animals.

“I went back to the traffic and tried to find access to the road against so many people who were trying to flee the place.  Fortunately, I was able to pick them on time, found the cats and got few scratches from a kitten that was hesitant to leave”, Inger relayed. After some time, these 3 cats are already boarded on the car, rescued successfully; something that Inger did not expect to happen when he tried to respond to the call.

Not everything came out easy for Inger and his fiancé. They got stuck on the northern side of the city. He then arranged for the owner’s brother to meet them in Wandering River. The couple also spent the night inside their car. After which, they went another 13 hours journey to Edmonton.

Inger’s story got a lot of attention.  Some cried, others were overwhelmed and many were inspired to reach out and help. Indeed, good deeds are contagious and it can start with a small act of kindness just like what Inger did.