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While politicians are busy planning for the construction of a border fence to control entry and exit from Mexico to U.S, one man is also engaged in smuggling drugs through an underwater tunnel that joins these 2 countries.

Evelio Padilla-Zepeda, a Honduran man was spotted wearing a scuba gear and a wet suit after passing through an underwater tunnel situated between United States and Mexico. In his latest effort prior to his arrest, he was smuggling 55 lbs. cocaine using the said tunnel.

“I was initially hired to transport 3 individuals through the tunnel and was paid $7,000 for the job. However, I was eventually informed that I will be transporting packages instead of people”; Evelio admitted.

Evelio was found last April by Border Patrol Agents wearing wetsuit and soaking wet. He was also discovered with 25 cocaine vacuumed packages, properly sealed and gift wrapped along with his diving gear and scuba tanks. After thorough investigation,  an underground tunnel was spotted starting from Mexicali, Mexico leading to the canal of California. And because this is hidden behind rocks, it went unnoticed for years.

“I am equipped with 2 rebreather tanks. This way, I can stay underwater for a long time without creating bubbles”; Evelio declared. After pleading guilty for drug smuggling, he was convicted for 20 years imprisonment.