The truth is; a lot of life’s mishaps are preventable. And the sad part is, this can be easily prevented. Sometimes, we have the tendency to ignore simple instructions and underestimate its importance until such time when we become victims of our own mistakes. One best example is failure to wear a seat belt while travelling on the road. These are the things that can happen to people who choose to disobey this simple rule:

1. You can be in a worse medical condition after a road accident

During car collision, your body will be pushed forward at the same speed your car is travelling. This will go on until something stops you. Hence, it is very common to find victims crushed on a steering wheel, windscreen or dashboard. Others will even be ejected out of the window and hit external fixtures.

2. You will need to pay seat belt penalties

Demerit points may be imposed to drivers who are not wearing seat belts. They will be fined as well. Drivers of public utility vehicles are not only responsible for their own safety but must also ensure that their passengers are wearing seat belts too. All passengers 16 years old and above must have this protection and kids must have security restraints too.

3. Death that results from vehicular accident will increase numbers of widows and orphans

If you really love your family, you must do everything in your power to protect yourself. Think what can possibly happen if you die due to road accident. This will mean leaving your children behind, without any financial assistance to support their education. Think of leaving your spouse and how he or she will handle such tragedy. Such demise can be prevented if you just wear your seat belt.

Important reminders:

• Never share seat belts
• Ensure that your seat belt provides maximum protection before you start driving
• Even pregnant women must wear seat belts
• Wear seat belts all the time while travelling on the road
• You don’t have to learn the hard way, follow this simple rule even before any accident happens

How many lives have been lost simply because they failed to follow simple driving instruction which is to wear a seat belt? How many kids were orphaned after their parents died of car accident just because they also forgot this part on their travel? Watch this video and you will know the value of seat belts and how it literally keeps you safe.