The wave of Islamic terrorism continues to rise, as the Islamist terrorist organization, al-Shabaab committed one of the bloodiest massacres in the past decade, taking the lives of 147 students in a savage attack on Thursday.


The death toll may even rise, as 147 people have already been confirmed dead, at the Garissa University College. The dawn of April 2nd brought an unparalleled killing spree in Kenya’s history, as multiple gunmen stormed the university campus, armed with assault guns and explosives, killing the non-Muslims.  The masked villains opened fire, slaughtering students and taking hostages. The clash with the police and security troops lasted for 13 hours, and claimed lives of two security guard, one soldier and one police officer. More than 80 people were injured during the gunfight, which ended with the deaths of four terrorists.

This is the latest attack in the series of grisly rampages of al-Shabaab terrorists, which have become more frequent recently. The terrorist organization’s spokesmen, Ali Mohamud Rage, took full responsibility for the violence, naming the extremist group based in Somalia as the executors of the heinous act. Since 2012, more than 300 people were killed by the radical Islamic savages, linked to Al Qaida, and more attacks are likely to come.