If you are single, you may often find yourself day dreaming for a day when your knights in shining armor finally asks you to marry him. Well, they often say that someone, just out there is waiting for you. And to find that ideal person, you must also see to it that you are the ideal one for him as well.

Not all marriage started with a sweet marriage proposal. But if you experienced this “cheesy” moment in your life, you must treasure this memory forever. Your skin may get wrinkled and your youthful beauty may fade away with time but those happy memories and the feeling that comes with it will never go away.

There are many ways to propose for a marriage to someone. While many people thought that it has to be grand, the truth is; you don’t need to spend a lot to make it very special. You must have known your partner well by the time you ask her hand for marriage. Hence, you are now certain where, when and how you will execute your plan. The truth is; it is not that event that matters. For those who are truly in love, it’s the thought that counts most. You don’t even have to announce your engagement to the whole world. Even if there’s only you and your partner in the room, this will mean a lot.

To make your proposal effective, your message must come right from your heart. Don’t fake it since if you do, it will show. Though you can do this privately, some people just want to involve their entire family when making this great and important step in their life. They want everyone to witness how plans for the wedding will be sealed with the other partner’s resounding “Yes” after the proposal has been uttered.

Watch this YouTube video and witness a different kind of marriage proposal. Surely, the ending is something different that you will never expect…