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Angelina Jolie is not only a good actress-filmmaker. She also has the heart to all women out there who were abused in every way. And she expressed how she felt on her African Union Summit address. She took this as an opportunity to call for global assistance in stopping women violence all over the world.

Angelina Jolie took the role as United Nations High Commission for Refugees envoy. This 40 year old woman in full grace and confidence sat with global foreign leaders and delivered her speech in Pretoria Africa where the biannual event was held. She expressed her sentiments on the crimes that are happening against women in places everywhere not only including conflict zones but also in peaceful societies all over the world.  “It pains me to say that crime against women is still treated as a lesser crime and are given with lower priority” Angelina stated.’

“Violence against women has become a global epidemic. These days, we can see more armed groups who opted to resort to their weapons as their choice. It is very common to see girls and women becoming brunt of extremists after they have been treated barbarically. All these are results of our failure to avoid or even stop global conflicts, making mankind suffer on an unprecedented level”, she added.

Today, helps are available, even from those who do not hold any position in the government. Amidst all that these women go through, organizations like Calvary Chapel and many others try to succor abused women by strengthening their faith and letting them know that they are not alone in their problems. When external help is not available, women try to help themselves instead.

Tributes have been paid to African victims for showing extreme resilience amidst all their trials. “Africans are the most impressive people I know of. And they deserve more than just being left alone to face their trials”, Angelina said.

Angelina closed her speech by citing effective solutions to all these problems. She said solutions have to be tailored and created by women themselves. “Policies have to be created that will ensure long term security to women, executed by women and focused on women”, Angelina said. “Stability relies on free, strong and educated women with men who will cherish women and champion them in their leadership”, she added.

Angelina was accompanied by William Hague (former British Foreign Minister), Beneta Diop (Senegalist activist) and  Zainab Banguara (UN’s Sexual Violence in Conflict  Representative).