7 Ways to Get More Power from Your Diesel Engine

If you own a vehicle with a diesel engine, then you might want to know how to upgrade it and extract more power from it. Diesel engines cost more gas than usual engines. If you own one, then better use it more efficiently. There are many effective ways of upgrading and extracting more power from a diesel engine. In the era of technology, diesel engines have also improved in fuel economy and offer lower emissions. So, they get to be excellent choices for trucks and cars. To increase its performance, read further. Here are top ways to increase the power of your diesel engine:

New fuel injectors

Using fuel injectors and getting them replaced on and off is the best choice for upgrading your engine. You need to increase the airflow to the engine and set up an Engine Control Module (ECM) to create more power, and the next step is to upgrade the fuel injectors. New fuel injectors help in increasing the horsepower and better performance in atomizing the fuel. It will result in higher fuel economy and performance of the diesel engine.

Use cold air intake

To increase the torque and horsepower, this is the most efficient and cheapest way to follow. The cold air intake is an assembled form of parts that can process to help the air in the engine to become cold and dense. When the fuel mixes up with the cold air, they will react together to form power. More air leads to more combustion in the engine. As condensed air will mean that air gets into the cylinder leading to the combustion process.

Install a performance chipset 

In the latest car models, the engines have an automatic system for them. The onboard computer systems are so advance that they can control the locking system, brakes, timing, and ratio of gas, etc. You can override the factory settings and hack into the system if you get yourself the aftermarket performance chips. You can either replace the old one or get it upgraded to increase the power of your diesel engine. Make sure the chipset is of high quality. Invest in a good one, so it doesn’t wear out soon and not function properly.

Induction system

You can bring a turbocharger or supercharger into the mechanism of the engine and see some of the torque and horsepower adding up. These types of tools can easily boost up your engine power and not just a normal percentage but up to more than 50%. To burn more fuel and yield horsepower, you need to work by supplying more air into the engine block. Also, avoid overheating the engine so you can maintain a proper induction system with a cooling effect to it. This is vital for the longevity of your vehicle. While making modifications, you will need to avoid any mishaps as well.

Performance exhaust 

You need to upgrade your engine’s exhaust system if you want to extract more power. A performance exhaust system has a large diameter and lesser bends to it that help you in gaining more exhaust flow through the system. You can also go for a straighter and wider exhaust system, which can lower down the temperature of exhaust gas and also improve the horsepower and the torque of the engine.

Diesel injector cleaner:

diesel injector cleaner can help remove harmful depositions of dirty diesel and filter the diesel out. The depositions will pass through the fuel filter and get fuel injector nozzles. It will be then transmitted to cylinders and cause a thick black smoke to come out of the pipe of the engine to clear it out. They can prevent harmful emissions and cause your engine to detoxify itself. It can improve not only the flow of your drive but also the engine transmission. Your horsepower will increase, and also the function will get efficient.

High-quality lubricants

This can be a challenge when it comes to lubricants for turbodiesel vehicles, and you cannot ignore the fact that premium quality synthetic diesel oils are the best for your diesel engine when it comes to maintenance and increasing power function. Low-quality diesel fuels will work but lose viscosity, ability to resist friction, wear and heat and cause engine components to come at a risk. It can also cause the engine to wear out. So, you need a good high-quality lubricant/fuel for your diesel engine so you can promote an efficient engine operation and remove excess heat from the bearings as well. The primary benefits of turbodiesels are also fuel economy and maximum protection for the diesel engine. You need to maintain a clean fueled up the engine, so it never wears out soon.