Rescue operations are still going on at the site where a factory collapsed in Bangladesh. The search for survivors began on Friday after the collapse on Thursday that took the lives of seven individuals.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse

The Police, and Soldiers were all at work, searching through the ruins of the remains left of the Mongla based factory. Sailors were there to assist since it was a town at the sea port and as a result 50 people were rescued as survivors of the ordeal.


At the wreckage site, Mohammad Shah Alam Sardar, the Senior District officer said that “most of the people inside the building have been rescued alive but rescue operations are still going on until the last body is recovered”.


Not quite long after the factory collapse mishap on Thursday, the Polcie guessed that 100 individuals were stuck in the wreckage but later realized that those actually trapped were less than 100. The senior district officer continued to say, believing that a “few more bodies will be found under the debris”. Thirty people out of the fifty survivors were injured, less than the expected figure the official report stated.


The scene of the accident is a property of one of Bangladesh army subsidiary, a factory in Mongla port far from the Dhaka, the capital city. Report from the Police station close to the scene of accident revealed that the number of people working inside the factory when it collapse were 150. In his words Belayet Hossain, chief police officer said – “There were about 150 people, including workers, inside the factory building when it collapsed”.