Health is wealth. Even the richest man in the world can never buy good health. And many of us thought that there is always “short cut” to good health. This is the reason why over the counter drugs are often sought for. They are medicines that do not require for doctor’s prescription.  They can be availed even from convenient stores, supermarkets, and drugstores. They are touted to be less harmful than prescription drugs.  But how safe can your “OTC” meds can be?


Below are 5 important facts about over the counter drugs:


They may have addictive substances

Do you know that many of these medicines contain substances that are often abused such as DXM (Dextromethorphan)? This is a common ingredient in flu, cough and cold treatments.


















Some of their ingredients can be harmful too

Harmful ingredients can be found in laxatives, diet and weight loss pills. Hence, even if they can be bought freely, you still need to use them in moderation. You need to know that they can have fatal side effects over time.


























These drugs may cause short term or long term side effects

Some of their substances may damage your sense of judgment and visual perception. They can also lead to myriad of symptoms like menstrual disturbances, cardiac problems, and deviation in metabolism
















Taking “OTC” drugs requires their user’s full responsibility

Since these drugs were not prescribed by your doctor, you need to take full responsibility when you take them. See to it that they will only be used when needed.

Besides, you can always choose what you want to do but not the consequences for what you have done..


















OTC drugs are very helpful too

And you will surely be as happy as this cat if you get relived of your illness with ease.

















OTC drugs are not really that harmful. In fact, they have helped millions of people who seek for immediate treatment for their illness or discomfort. Indeed we can resolve some health issues without the need to go through the long process of medical consultations. You can even now buy genital wart removal not just from convenient stores but even online. There are over the counter treatment for genital warts and you can get the relief that you need at a time you need it most. And the good news is; they are safe to use too.