Kashim Shettima, the governor of Borno gave 432 houses to families who were driven out of their homes by Boko Haram in Maiduguri’s Bulabulin Ngaranam district.

new flats

Shettima also stated that they will be building more than 400 new houses and call the estate “Borno Heroes Estate”. These homes will then be distributed to families of policemen, immigration officers, soldiers, volunteers and customs officials.

432 flats that were handed out were all two bedroom apartments in the newly named “Yerwa PeaceEstate”. New homes must replace hundreds of others that were taken from the residents by insurgents from Boko Haram in the years of 2009 until 2013.

Families of security officers who died for peace in the Borno State will get similar housing for free in the near future. Governor Shettima said that they have built hundreds of new houses, schools, hospitals and markets to replace what was destroyed in insurgency attacks.


He was thankful that many local governments managed to recover and move on by reconstruction, and by reintegrating victims back to their community after making sure these communities were safe.

The new estate that will be built will have secondary and primary school for the orphans so that they could get quality education and proudly step in the footsteps of their fathers standing proud for their country.