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A meaningful sales relationship is built on trust. And the best way to have this is to know your prospects. This includes their needs, pains and ways to resolve their issues. This task can easily be done with the help of sales development tools. However, there are so many of them to choose from and picking the wrong choice will mean losing tack of your prospects and failing to know what they (or their companies) are up to.

To narrow down your choices, here are 3 tools that will boost your SDR and sales reps’ efforts. These tools can effectively help you connect with your targets both on their account or individual based levels. This will help filter the noise and offer the needed context in a world where content dominates.

  1. CharlieApp

If you want to connect with your prospect on a personal level then this app is best for you. It works by sending you a daily meeting recap which contains compiled data about your prospect. Hence, starting a conversation with your prospect becomes very easy. This app will inform you on your common interests with the prospect. And such information can be yours in just a matter of seconds. So building a rapport with your company’s target can always be done with ease.

How it works:

It filters hundreds of sources and sends helpful insights of people as well as companies you plan to meet with. It also includes social media profiles, allowing you to save your time searching each of your prospects’ individual platforms. To use this, just sync your calendar so Intel can get to companies and people a few minutes even before your meeting starts.

  1. Owler

Outsmart your competitors by using this crowdsourced data. This helps you keep track of your clients and prospects. Such free service can’t be realized without the effort of its founders who are also creators of Jigsaw.

How it works:

It allows you to add more companies to your portfolio. This gives you the advantage to know about the recent news, insights and funding of your competitors’ industry. For Account Based Sales Development,  you can use of the app’s “My Companies” and “My Portfolio” features , giving you access to more insights on your target accounts’ competition. Enjoy the apps’ Daily Snapshot email. With this, you can put your voice to more than 200,000 business professional audiences.

  1. CrystalKnows

Clear communication with your prospects and clients is made possible through this app. It is a Chrome extension which works best for meetings, emails as well as relationships. It speedily organizes personality profiles to make it easier to access in your Gmail.

How it works:

It analyzes as well as shares how 2 individuals may communicate even before the meeting starts. With this app, you will have the access to personality profiles and know the best approach when talking with your prospects, co-workers and customers using the public data analysis and user and peer reviews. Its personality profile also offers real time suggestions as well as email corrections while you are typing.

With all these three tools, your sales development team and marketing staff will find it easier to know your prospect, engage them and convert them to sales with ease.