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Erica Beabrun and April Jenkins lost their lives after seeking the services from a Kennesaw medical spa. Both their families felt that their passing is a nightmare than is hard to understand.

Serge; Erica’s brother thought that he will die ahead of his sister who is just 27 years old.

“I went into the room and saw my daughter lying and wondered what was going on”, Erica’s mom Elsie Albert  said. Erica died while a cosmetic surgery was done in Opulence Aesthetic Medicine located at Kennesaw Georgia. According to the police report, she had a cardiac arrest while Dr. Nedra Dodds performed a buttocks reduction. On her medical records, it was stated that she was found to be lying on a pool of blood when found. And that she had a cardiac arrest 22 minutes before 911 was called for help.

“How can they wait for so long before calling for help? Even 1 minute can save life!” Elsie Albert commented. However, Dr. Dodds denied all allegations.

“Our call to 911 is sooner that what was written on the police report. This facility together with its staff can stabilize a patient and the information that you are getting are not correct”, Dr. Dodge defended.

Erica’s attorney was told that her client bled due to the fact that she was not bandaged properly after the procedure, a report that was denied by Dr. Dodds.

Another fatal case at Dodds facility happened in the person of April Jenkins. It was found out that her death was caused by fat embolism which resulted from Dr. Dodd’s liposuction procedure. According to a report made by the medical examiner, April’s diaphragm had perforations with her liver showing multiple puncture. On her police report, an employee from Dodds told authorities that April’s case was the last procedure for the day. Because of this, Dodds was in a hurry to finish it. In the course of the liposuction, April complained that there was a burning and tearing sensations felt.  However, Dr. Dodds told her to keep quiet. After all, she has already paid for the procedure. The report also stated that April was found to have a rag on her mouth.

Dr. Dodds was asked to comment on the rag on April’s mouth but this is all he said, “I can’t comment on something that did not happened. There are so many inaccuracies stated on the report”.

Dr. Dodds stated his account of what he claimed to happen. But for the bereaved families, such is not the case. The story of their daughters’ deaths all stemmed from one reason and that is due to the failure of the medical personnel to care for their patients well. And out of these experiences, one lesson is learned and that is to always choose for the best Medical Spa known to offer safe and satisfactory service.

A case of medical malpractice was filed against Dr. Dodds.