The people at Global Firepower made a research on the power militaries of the world and they ranked them all to come up with this top ten listing. They came up with this list when they scrutinized the defense capabilities of 68 countries to come up with this ranking while taking into consideration each country’s manpower, air power, land system, naval power, logistics, resources, geography, and finances. They also took into consideration the different military arsenals that include the number of available manpower, aircraft carriers, labor force, and more to produce this Power Index. You must take notice that countries with lower power index number mean they have more firepower.


10. Brazil


Brazil is considered to be the tenth most powerful military force on the face of the earth. With power index pegged at 0.6912, it has a defense budget of $31,576,000,000. Brazil’s active militia is composed of 371,199 and she has 104,700,000 labor forces. She’s ready to deploy 822 aircraft and 106 naval ships.


9. Italy


Italy is the ninth most intimidating military strength in the world. She has a power index of 0.6838 and her defense budget is $31,946, 000,000. Her active military personnel is consist of 293,202 and her total labor force is around 25,080,000. If needed, she can deploy 770 defense aircraft and 179 military naval vessels.


8. South Korea

south korea

South Korea is the eighth most powerful military might on the globe. With her power index pegged at 0.6547 and a defense budget amounting to $28,280,000,000, she can pay 653,000 active military personnel not to mention her 25,100,000 labor forces. She has 871 aircraft and 190 naval vessels ready for her defense.


7. Germany

Germany is the seventh most powerful military power on earth. She has a 0.6491 power index that is supported by a defense budget amounting to 43,478,000,000. Germany has 148,996 active militia as well as 43,620,000 labor forces. Her air fleet is composed of 925 aircraft while her naval fleet is composed of 67 ships.


6. France


The power index of France is 0.6163 and she is the sixth most awing military force in the world. Owing to the defense budget of $58,244,000,000, she can send 362,485 troops for her defense. Her labor force has 29,610,000 heads. She has 544 defense aircraft as well as 180 naval ships.


5. The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is the fifth most intimidating military strength on the globe with her power index at 0.5185. She has 224,500 active military men and a labor force of 31,720,000 that is supported by an annual budget amounting to $57,875,170,000. This budget also covers the maintenance of 1,412 aircraft and 77 naval ships.


4. India


The Indians are the fourth most awesome military might on earth. Her power index of 0.4346 took her to this ranking with the support of $44,282, 000,000 defense budget. Serving for her defense are 1,325,000 military personnel with a labor force of 487,600,000. She has 1,962 aircraft and 170 naval ships ready for her defense.


3. China


China’s index is pegged at 0.3351 and she owed it to her enormous defense budget amounting to $129,272,000,000. She has the third most frightening military force in the world with her active military forces numbering at 2,285,000 heads. Her labor force is just as awesome with 795,500,000 personnel. She has a frightening air power with 5,048 aircraft and a naval superpower with 972 ships in her fleet.


2. Russia



The second most powerful military might on the globe is Russia with her index at 0.2618. He defense budget cannot be neglected in the amount of $64,000,000,000 that can support 1,200,000 active militia and 75,330,000 labor force. She can deploy 4,498 aircraft and 224 warships if the need arises for her defense.


1. United States

US military

The most powerful military might in the world today is the United States of America. Her power index is 0.2475 and her defense budget is set at $689,591,000,000. Her active military personnel of 1,477,896 are sent to police the world and her labor force of 153,600,000 who pays their taxes to support the government. She owns 15,293 aircraft and 290 naval vessels that are scattered around the world.