Flowers have been traditionally used in many events in of people’s lives like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, first dates, and funerals. Thus, they are used to express deep feelings that cannot be uttered. Such is due to the fact that the spirits of people receiving them are uplifted just by simply looking at them. With so many varieties of flower in the world, reducing them to ten can be very difficult. However, doing so can help people find the perfect flower for their partners, parents, friends, bosses, and others.



Bouquet of roses

This flower has been used for many years to express one’s feelings. It is very popular because of its look as well as its distinct and pleasant smell. Its most common color; red, is believed to symbolize love, beauty, courage, and appreciation. The white one symbolizes purity of intention, yellow for friendship, pink for gratitude and admiration, and orange for desire.

Apart from giving it as a gift or present, roses are also often used to decorate homes, offices, and receptions. This flower grows throughout the year and can be found around the world but with the highest number in Asia.


Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart









The beauty of the bleeding heart flower can be attributed to its fairy-like look as well as its heart shape with some parts protruding on the lower area. It is a shady garden flower that grows from April to June and comes in three colors namely pink, red, and white.











The most popular from the lily family are tulips. Their unique bulb shapes and their beautiful colors have caught the attention of many people. Thus, they also became a common present during Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries. People who want to have tulips in their properties or gardens will be happy because they can be bought in pots. Similar to roses, they also grow throughout the year and can be found around the world.


White Lotus

white lotus






Its beauty is emphasized because of its ability to float water with its lily pads. In fact, because of beauty and uniqueness, it has been featured in so many Disney movies that have scenes in bodies of water. People often purchase or grow it to be used as decorations for their pond or aquariums. However, its high number can only be found in Southeast Asia and East Africa. Another that comes from the family that has a lot of legends behind it is the lily of the valley. It is a non-aquatic and smaller version of the white lotus.










Plumerias are flowers that are very popular because of their unique color and scent. They have an intense white colored that are accentuated with a yellow color in their middle area. Their scents are also extremely sweet like a sugar. Thus, people can even smell them at a certain distance.


Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom









Cherry blossoms are the flowers that have made Japan more popular. These beautiful white and pink flowers have been attracting a lot of tourists for years. In fact, both Japan and the US are celebrating the blossoming of these spring flowers through festivals.













These are native plants recognized as the national flower of Mexico. They come with leafy stems with bright colors where you can see most hues.











These are tropical plants coming from Latin America where the native locals cultivated them. They offer many uses like alcohol, jewelries and many others.


Oriental Poppy

oriental poppy









This stands out because of its colors and typical shapes.










These are colorful and flowering plants which are often seen both indoor and outside homes.