When you try to visit other countries, you cannot help to admire the beauty of their women. Each country pride the natural beauty of their women which is unique from one another. It is what the different international beauty pageants are trying to convey to people – that no country in this world is ugly, only that every woman is unique in their own way which makes them noticeable from the rest.

So, fasten your seat belt for here is the top 10 countries with the most beautiful women:





If you prefer a woman with classic beauty, olive tanned skin with matching brown hair and so utterly gorgeous, you might consider Italian girls as one of the most beautiful women. Most of all, they are one of the most fashionable women you will find walking around the streets. These Mediterranean beauties surely always make it to the list of the most beautiful women.



2.South Korea

south korea

These innocent, cute doll-like beauties and sweet personality can melt anyone’s, heart. Korean women are fair skinned with glossy charcoal black hair and usually on medium height. Their appealing personality is what makes them beautiful and irresistible to men. It is one of the reasons why Korean dramas and movies never fail to catch the heart of millions of people.




What makes American women beautiful is there independent and strong personality. Their natural beauty and character are true endearing characteristics that many men admire in a woman. When you go to places like New York or LA, you will be amazed by how stunning these women are inside and out.




Who would not miss the beautiful face of Venezuela women? They are recognizable from their tall height, hot body, and stunning looks. No wonder why Venezuela have a reserved spot in beauty pageants. They are known to have the most number of crowns earned in Miss World and Miss Universe which convinces people that once you see such beauty, you will be reluctant to take your eyes off her. No doubt, their women are indeed gifted with pretty faces down to exceptional talents.




Brazil is popular as the land of beauties. Brazilian women are famed for their beautiful and sporty looks with matching sexy bodies. If you prefer blond be beautiful, they have it; or if you like women with black hair, they also have it. Most Brazilian ladies like to take part in socialization and traditional events in their place. It is why during festivals many ladies participate which happens every year. These women are indeed a treasure.






For the past years, Colombia women sparked interest from the eyes of people. On the other hand, they have been mentioned in the top rankings in beauty pageants and grab one of the top five spots in beauty contests. Meanwhile, the combination of beauty and bold personality brings a distinction of Colombia women than any other beauties.



7. Russia


The Russian women are beauties which are widely appreciated in various countries. Aside from their stunning looks, they are intelligent with strong characteristics. For example, the Attorney General of Russia Natalia Poklonskaya – who would have known such beauty, is one of the high-ranking officers in the country? Their mixture of western and eastern blood is what grants them their beauty.






The country made a mark in several International beauty pageants. And you need to know that Philippines hold consecutive wins in Miss Earth 2014 and 2015. The country also got the crown in Miss International 2016 and Miss Universe 2015. Filipina women are known because of their sweet and good attitude.







Dutch women are famous because of their blond hair and beautiful eyes. Because of their beauty, Dutch women are the most sought-after models in several famous clothing brands. Their elegant and fair features are the reason why they deserve to be on this list.




10.    France


Miss Universe is a yearly international beauty contest that every people anticipate to see. This year’s crown was awarded to Miss France who is a total package of looks, talent, and intelligence. In this contest, France proved to the world that they have the most beautiful women. Their outgoing attitude, energy, and romantic personality are the unique qualities of French women.