Sexual assault or rape is a crime that is related to forcefully having sexual intercourse with someone or forcing someone to have sex. Such can either be done physically or verbally or both. In the past, it just pertains to a man forcing a woman or vice versa. Nowadays, even lesbians, genders, transsexuals are being sexually assaulted around the world. It should also be noted that the crime is not just about people who are non-partners but also those who are partners, whether married or not. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide, there is approximately 35 percent of women who experienced sexual violence by a partner or non-partner at some point in their lives. In separate national studies, their data is higher at 70% rate.

The problem with these data is that these are not the actual numbers. In all countries around the world, there are still unreported cases. Such is related to the conflict between the data from WHO and national studies. People often keep the situation to themselves because they do not want to be judged or they are scared of what may happen after they report it. With such in regard, listed below are the top ten countries with highest number of rape cases based on both reported cases and surveys conducted.




In the past years, Zimbabwe ranked either number 12 or 13. Recently, the continuous increase in reported cases brought it to top ten. According to the report issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) of the country, there is a minimum of 21 women who are being raped daily or one woman every 75 minutes. A more disturbing fact is that 60% of the cases reported are child rape. In order to resolve the problem, the government issued a tougher conviction for offenders.


Sri Lanka


In the first eleven months of the year 2015, Colombo reported that there were 1,854 of rape cases. That good thing is that 92.61 percent or 1,717 of such cases have been resolved by the police. The reported cases showed that an alarming high number of victims who are under 16 years of age. Such number is 1,501. However, although the numbers are low in the country, it should be noted that legally married couples who are forced to have sex are not considered as rape.





In the year 2016, the government of Germany considered that the rape is becoming an epidemic. Such is due to the fact that the number of cases started to spread to the different states. The worst thing is that women and children are being raped in public places, as well as by a gang. Some modus operandi will be mobbing women and children and then raping them. Other common places of attacks occurred at swimming pools and during festivals.





Reports from Canada’s Sexual Assault Centre have shown that there are 460,000 reported cases of sexual abuse in the country. A high percentage, which is 82%, is committed by people who are close or who knew the victims. The high number of reported cases is related to the high awareness level of women with regard to sexual consent. Thus, they know when their rights are being violated or not.




“The Land Down Under” is among the countries that systematically collects crime data. Such is done in a way that data are separated per state. Thus, they provide clearer information with regards to crimes like rape. According to the totaled data from the United Nations (UN), there from 100,000 of the population, 92 of them are being raped or sexually assaulted. What is more disturbing is that gang rape cases in the country are also very common. In a ten-year collective data from the Australian government suggest that the number of cases have increased.


Some experts have related the escalation to the low number of offenders who are being jailed or convicted. They have also mentioned that stress of processing the case often adds up to the psychological effects to the victim. Thus, they sometimes no longer pursue the case. The requirements that the court asks for, as well as proofs in order to convict the offender is also often very difficult to achieve. The length of the case is also often a reason why many victims no longer report the case to the police and never file for a case. Thus, it is assumed that such reasons are making offenders more confident in doing the crime.


New Zealand

new zealand

The entry of the neighboring country of Australia, New Zealand, to the list is related to the cases committed by the group The Roast Busters in 2013. As a point of differentiation from other countries, NZ cases are mostly on date rapes. Although partner cases are quite low, such still occurs. In general, the latest rape rate of the country is 30.9% or 30,900 out of 100,000 people. Similar to Australia, the 15% yearly increase in the cases is related to the low number of conviction.




In the first three months in the year 2015 alone, there were already 124 reported cases of rape in the country. The sad thing is that 51.6% of such are experienced by people under the age of 18. Although there may be higher cases as compared to the reported ones, the increasing number also shows that citizens are also becoming more vigilant in reporting such incident.




A five-year survey or study conducted in the USA has shown that there are 93,761 reported cases every year. With regards to the gender, 17.6% of the women population was raped. Males, on the other hand, 3% were victimized. More than half of the reported cases happen near a victim’s home followed by public areas like parking lots and commercial areas. Another sad thing is that 82% of offenders know their victims.



The country India has been a consistent entry to the list of top countries with rape cases. In a 2015 report from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) mentioned that there are 34,651 of reported cases related to rape and sexual violence, as well as 4,437 of attempted rape cases. What is more alarming is that 95.5% or 33,098 from such are done by people who knew or are close to the victim. In addition, 17,000 from the total number of victims are people who belong to the population aged between 18 and 30. People ageing 60 years old and above cover over 5,000 of the cases. Another disturbing fact is that children below 16, as well as infants are also being raped.

According to women and children rights advocates, the commonality of rape in India may be related to the fact that discussing the matter in the past has been considered a taboo. They are hoping that with the changes in the mentality and the strong information dissemination that are being practiced now can lead to the lowering of rape cases.


South Africa

south africa

South Africa has also been consistently entering and topping the charts for rape cases. Some organizations and anti-rape advocates have even said that “Rape in South Africa is becoming a way of living.” The good news is that every year, the number of cases reported is becoming lower. However, the problem is that there are still unreported cases. Based on statistics, in the year 2016, out of 100,000 people, there are 42,596 people who reported that they were raped. A high percentage from the data is committed by a partner. In relation to children being raped, the number also lowered to 15,790. Apart from partner and non-partner rape cases, gang rapes are also very common in the country.