Apple Inc sets out in its largest Investment in Europe. It intends to plunge in $1.9 billion /€1.7 billion to build big data centers in Ireland and Denmark, so as to enable users of Apple devices in Europe utilize and enjoy Map and iTunes. These centers will be located in Ireland, Viborg, Athenry, and Denmark.


The high point of the proposed data centers is that they will be sustained by renewable energy power, making data more accessible to Apple Inc European customers. All of these will be operational fully in 2017, according to the report made by the company on Monday.


European users requested for their own data center, because it is quite out of place to keep European data in the United States. The closer data is to the users the better. This request is the spring board to the plan to build data centers in Denmark and Ireland. The very cold weather condition of the proposed location is a plus to equipment maintenance because there will be no need to acquire cooling units.


Major countries around the world are very conscious of data protection, after the news of the United States spying activities, so most technological firms have been forced to create alternate servers for data storage in countries, especially within Europe.


Apple Inc move is coming behind its counterparts, Google and Facebook. Google has two European data centers in Netherlands and Finland already. Facebook had its European data center in Sweden since 2013. More data centers will be built by these software technological giants because various governments will request for data decentralization as part of data anti-theft regulations.


Apple makes a lot of sales in Europe, in fact the previous quarter sales produced $17.2 billion for the company. According to sales report,  this represented about 23percent of all the sales of Apple devices within the previous quarter.  So, the firm plans to create befitting data centers for its loyal European customers.



Irish chief of IDA, Martin Shanahan said –  “This is an important strategic investment with significant local economic benefits, Ireland has for several years successfully attracted data center investments from major corporates.” it will definitely be an improvement to the economy of the nation, since this gesture will create more employment opportunities for its citizenry.